The Hale County Jail, built in 1999, is a ninety one bed modern county correctional
facility.  The jail is complete with four male inmate pods, one female inmate pod,
visitation room, law library, full commercial kitchen, laundry room, booking room,
two intox cells, interview room, records room, modern central control tower, and
The Administrative wing of the Hale County Jail consists of;  waiting area, front
office, Jail Administrator office, muster room, kitchen, and sheriff's office

The staff includes eleven  correctional officers, staff dietitian, nurse, and jail
administrator.  The Jail is currently supervised by Captain Mary Long Gilmore,
Chief of Jail Operations.
Pictures of the old Hale County
Jail, used from early 1900's to

Registered as historic
landmark with the Alabama
Historical Commission
Capt. Mary L. Gilmore
Chief of Jail Operations